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We believe businesses have a responsibility to enable all people to participate in the workplace and achieve their potential.

That’s why we highlight Integration and Inclusion as one of the pillars of our Sustainability Plan.

APSCo Australia Awards for Excellence 2019

We are proud that our commitment to diversity and inclusion was recognised by governing body APSCo Australia with the 2019 Awards for Excellent Diversity and Inclusion Award.

Changing demographics are significantly impacting the workforce. People are living longer and working older; many employers now have five generations to motivate and manage; and the global movement of people is evolving available talent pools. In this changing environment, cultivating a diverse and

Proud supporters of Veterans' Employment

inclusive approach to talent is more critical than ever.

As part of our ManpowerGroup Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, we made
a formal commitment in 2020 to be a Veteran Friendly Employer by signing the the Veterans Employment Commitment (VEC).
We recognise the value and unique experience of our veterans and encourages employment opportunities for those who have served our country.

Fostering a diverse inclusive workplace can bring a number of benefits – from the ability to adapt more easily to shifting market and consumer demands, to allowing organisations to deliver a broader range of services, harnessing the wide collection of skills and experiences they have within their company. Diverse working environments have also been proven to increase business performance. Research found that organisations with inclusive cultures have 39% higher customer satisfaction, 22% greater productivity and 27% higher profitability than those that are not inclusive. It is not just the right thing to do – it makes clear business sense.

Practicing what we preach

As a global organisation, with employees, candidates, clients and suppliers from every background, we value and encourage the broad range of perspectives and capabilities this diversity brings to our organisation and to our stakeholders. We aspire to:

  • Attract and develop diverse talent at all levels of our organisation.

  • Foster an inclusive workplace culture that helps people achieve their full potential.

  • Partner with our clients and communities to provide opportunities to diverse job-seekers and business owners.

Working towards an inclusive future

An inclusive culture is about more than just policies – it’s about making genuine changes to how the company operates. It is essential that all organisations create an environment where talent from all backgrounds can thrive and feel comfortable, so they can advance their careers and your business.

We recognise that there is no ‘quick-fix’ response to getting this right. Attracting, advancing, developing, engaging and retaining a diversity of talent while fostering an inclusive culture – one where difference is valued and embraced – is not easy. But we hope that other businesses can learn from what we are doing, and implement a similar integrated approach to talent within their own organisations.