The Dyslexic Dynamic Report

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Our global ​ManpowerGroup Talent Solutions team together with Made By Dyslexia, a not for profit organisation helping the world understand, value and support people with dyslexia, have joined forces to develop a better understanding of dyslexic thinking in the workplace and to encourage organisations to recognise its importance in a fast changing world.

What is dyslexia?

Influencing as many as 1 in 5 people worldwide, it is a genetic difference in an individual’s ability to learn and process information. Dyslexics have differing abilities; they excel in creative problem-solving and communication skills while they have challenges with spelling reading and memorising facts.

Traditional benchmarking disadvantages dyslexics as it measures them against the very things they find challenging. While people with dyslexia have many of today’s in demand soft skills, too often they are overlooked during the recruitment process, meaning employers are missing out on a significant pool of talent that could help fill the skills gap.

Together we want to help employers recognise, value, and attract dyslexic talent so that they can seize the skills they need for post-pandemic recovery.

The Dyslexic Dynamic report explains why employers must harness dyslexic skills to meet today’s talent challenges.

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