How to win over the next generation of Australian talent

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The Australian workplace is evolving with a growing preference for flexible work arrangements and an emphasis on digital transformation, employee wellbeing, upskilling, and reskilling to keep pace with technology progress.

ManpowerGroup (MPG)—with Talent Solutions, a ManpowerGroup company—is actively engaging in nurturing Australia’s emerging workforce in response to this. We’re making a significant contribution to industries and organisations of all sizes across Australia by supporting young professionals in the early stages of their careers.

Australia’s education system produces over 300,000 graduates yearly across 41 universities, not counting the 4.5 million students enrolled in Vocational Education and Training (VET). Despite this, companies often struggle to directly connect with the talent they need.

MPG bridges this gap by developing and implementing targeted early career programs with its dedicated team of experts. Such initiatives are designed to help companies stand out and form meaningful relationships with educational institutions, directly accessing the talent pool best suited to their requirements.

Michael Sacco, general manager, Talent Solutions, said, "Filling the skills gap is more important than ever, and targeted early career programs are a fundamental strategy for companies looking to achieve this. These programs focus on developing the necessary skills by connecting businesses with emerging talent, ensuring a match that benefits both sides. At MPG, we have experts dedicated to both developing and implementing unique, highly targeted early career programs. These programs are designed to help our clients stand out in a crowded market.

“We collaborate closely with clients to pinpoint the educational sources producing the early career talent that best matches their needs. This approach helps to forge deeper relationships that benefit all involved parties.”

Attracting the next generation

The competition for early career talent has intensified, with sectors like healthcare, engineering, and IT all vying to attract young professionals. Today's graduates are increasingly aware of their value, seeking roles that offer more than just competitive salaries.

To meet these expectations, effective talent development programs must:

  • clearly articulate career pathways and progression opportunities

  • emphasise the company’s commitment to employee development, upskilling, and personal growth

  • provide insights into the company culture, team dynamics, and the societal impact of the work being done

  • offer flexibility in terms of remote work options and internal mobility to explore different roles and skills.

Organisations ignoring the need for clear career advancement, personal development, cultural transparency, and flexible working arrangements may struggle to secure the talent required for sustained competitiveness and innovation.

Benefits of early career development

Strategic investment in early career development is essential for companies looking to attract and retain young talent. The benefits include:

  • Longer tenure: employees who see a clear path for growth and advancement within their organisation are more likely to stay longer, reducing turnover rates and the associated costs of hiring and training new staff.

  • Positive workplace culture: a focus on professional growth contributes to a culture of continuous improvement, ambition, and achievement. This positive culture attracts high-calibre candidates and encourages current employees to engage more deeply with their work and the organisation.

  • Diverse talent pipelines: early career development programs often attract individuals from various backgrounds, enhancing the diversity of thought, perspective, and innovation within the company.

  • More motivated employees: employees who feel their employer is invested in their growth are more motivated to contribute their best work. This heightened engagement can lead to higher productivity and innovation.

  • Adaptability and resilience: by encouraging continuous learning and adaptability, companies build a workforce that is more flexible and capable of navigating changes in the market or industry, ensuring the business remains competitive and resilient.

Invest in the next generation of Australian talent today

Helping clients understand the changing dynamics of the sector is one of the main reasons that MPG has invested in dedicated early career consulting resources.

Sarah Graham, lead delivery consultant and early strategy expert, ManpowerGroup, said, “A dedicated early career program that directly addresses market needs and distinguishes clients is crucial. We frequently advise clients that targeted early career programs are not exclusively for large companies; often, smaller employers can provide a more personalised experience that is highly appealing.”

MPG is committed to helping clients understand and engage with early-career talent through targeted investments into partnerships with educational providers. This approach is a component of a comprehensive talent attraction strategy that benefits both employers and the upcoming generation.

Our deep understanding of the needs and expectations of new graduates and early-career professionals lets us build effective attraction programs as well as develop and support the internal programs and processes a business needs to both hire and retain early-career professionals. With our expertise, employers can develop a skilled, reliable, and cost-effective talent pipeline to meet the needs of their business.


Why partner with MPG?

With us, you'll experience:

  • unrivalled access to targeted talent through our extensive university and college connections, securing candidates ahead of the competition

  • expertise in navigating seasonal recruitment challenges to achieve scalability and reduce cost per recruit effectively

  • customisable and scalable solutions tailored to adapt and grow with your business's evolving needs, backed by our global reach and industry insights.

To learn more about MPG’s end-to-end early career attraction strategy and recruitment solutions, download our brochure or get in touch today.

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